Packing and Storage Tips

Self-Storage Tips

  1. Leave a walkway to the rear of your unit so you can easily access all your items.
  2. Disassemble bed frames and remove lampshades from lamps. This will help protect them from breaking, make them easier to move and help maximize storage space.
  3. Store framed mirrors, photographs and artwork vertically rather than flat.
  4. Crisscross masking tape across the face of mirrors or glass covered art.
  5. Label boxes clearly and on more than one side. So no matter where you put it in storage you can easily identify what’s in each box.
  6. Polish wood items before packing to provide a little extra protection from the elements.
  7. Treat leather items with a specially made conditioner before placing them in storage.
  8. Wipe metal objects with machine oil or another type of rust preventative.
  9. Place heavy items on the bottom of your moving van or self storage unit.
  10. Place boxes of fragile items on top of other boxes.
  11. Place least used items in front of the moving van. These items will be first off the van and into the back of your garage or self storage unit.
  12. Place valuable items like your television behind other items so that they will be more difficult to see and to steal.
  13. Add bay leaves to your boxes, they ward off most insects and household pests.
  14. Stand sofas and mattresses on end to maximize space and prevent overloading.
  15. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open and clean before storing. Use the inside space to store other kitchen items.

Packing Tips

  1. Take a little time to plan and organize as you pack. This should make it easier to finds things in the future and less likely that anything will get damaged during a move or while in storage.
  2. Use same size boxes when possible to aid with stacking.
  3. Avoid packing items in plastic bags as they are less sturdy and could trap moisture.
  4. Fill each box completely to prevent the top or sides from caving in.
  5. Fill open box space with crumpled paper, bubble wrap or other packing materials to protect odd shaped or loose items like glassware or toys.
  6. Don’t fill boxes too full. This may cause them to burst.
  7. Don’t make boxes too heavy to move. Use larger boxes for things that don’t weigh much and smaller ones for the heavy stuff.
  8. Mark ‘fragile’ on boxes full of breakables.
  9. Use the right type of box or packing crate. For instance, use a heavy duty box for your books as this is less likely to break than a standard box.
  10. Use cell kits for glasses, stemware or knickknacks.
  11. Use wardrobe boxes and keep your clothes on hangers in storage and when moving.
  12. Cover furniture with sheets or tarps to protect them from stains, tears and scratches.
  13. Stack books; don’t stand them on end as this could damage the spines.
  14. Stack plates on end. Wrap dishes individually and place like sized items together. Nest individually wrapped cups together.
  15. Wrap framed art in bubble wrap. Look for protective cardboard or plastic corners at your packing supply store.