Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

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What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

Self-storage has evolved from the single shed rows where you can drive up to your unit, unlock the padlock and move in all under the mid-day sun. Those older style facilities work well for certain types of stored goods and in certain areas. The more common approach is to assume that your items that need to be stored required a higher level of care for long-term storage.

The single exposed shed rows are now stacked and enclosed inside larger buildings. The buildings are climate controlled just like your house. The units will have a temperature and humidity control to keep the climate inside the unit constant regardless of the season outside the building. This ensures that your valuables and stored items aren’t affected by the heat of summer or the chill of winter.

Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

It all depends on what your purpose and goals are for storing the goods. If you are only looking for the cheapest alternative or don’t need to care about the interior temperature conditions of the unit then maybe not. However, if you feel that your valuables could be affected by temperature, either heat or cold, or humidity, then climate controlled storage is something you absolutely should consider. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are making the decision:

  • Would you be okay with leaving your valuables outside under an awning all year around?
  • Do you need to store anything that is an antique?
  • Do you have anything that is susceptible to mildew or mold?
  • Are any of your valuables paper items or books? Clothes?
  • Are you going to store electronics?
  • Are you going to store a mattress?

If you answered YES or even MAYBE to any of these questions then climate controlled storage is going to be the better option for taking care of your valuables in the long term. Any extra cost is going to be saved in the potential damage for storing the same valuables in a standard storage facility.

The Top Benefits To Climate Controlled Storage

Extra Protection Against Dust And Dirt

Because there is a constantly cleaned air-flow through the unit there is less chance of dust and dirt drifting in and settling on top of everything. But, you still should cover all of your items when placed in the unit for extra protection.

Protection Against Extreme Temperatures

The biggest and most impressive benefit to climate controlled storage is that your unit will be kept at a consistent temperature. This means that in the dead cold of winter and the killer heat of summer your valuables, antiques, important documents, or electronics will be nice, cozy and comfortable in the unit. Items won’t crack, break or warp and degrade in the cold and heat. If you wouldn’t put the items in these conditions at your home, then you shouldn’t store them in those extremes. Here are some examples of items that should not be stored in extreme temperatures:

  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Antique furniture
  • Electronics
  • Wood furniture
  • Vinyl records

Peace of Mind

When you invest in climate controlled storage for your valuables you invest in yourself, in their longevity, and peace of mind. You can sit back and relax knowing that you made the right choice. When winter or mid-summer hits you can worry about your own home and not the storage unit, it’s a win-win situation!