The Self Storage Industry vs COVID-19

Washing hands with soap in sink to kill germs

How Does The Coronavirus Impact Self Storage?

In a connected world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made an impact on just about every industry whether directly or indirectly. While many businesses are temporarily closing, the self storage industry continues serving the community as an essential service. Self storage facilities, whether outdoor or climate controlled, can accommodate essential services while taking necessary precautions including social distancing, sanitizing and offering assistance by phone and internet. Storage unit customers can rent units and make payments online or over the phone. Even the word “self” storage expresses that renters can access belongings safely without coming into contact with others. 

With your own code and your own key, you can let yourself in, access your unit and let yourself out. So, whether you need a unit because you are in the process of moving,  spring cleaning while you are staying home, or for any number of reasons, you can find a facility near you that can accommodate your needs. And feel free to ask the facility about their specific coronavirus (Covid-19) management plan. 

Storage facilities are making general and custom adjustments to accommodate new and existing tenants during this epidemic. These adjustments by the self storage industry contribute to the solution to slow the Coronavirus from becoming a more significant problem, while helping storage unit tenants have an almost normal experience. 

What Precautions are Self Storage Facilities taking?

While local, state and federal mandates differ, some operators are more proactive than others, and some customers are more concerned than others, but many facilities and people are following at least the basic recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) including:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Avoid large group gatherings
  3. Avoid touching common surfaces in public places 
  4. Wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer) frequently
  5. Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  6. Limit travel

Self Storage can be a Helpful Resource During Good and Trying Times

Whether people are responding to the coronavirus or preparing for the future in various ways, a storage unit can be a nice resource for people to store and access the items they want and need. This is especially true when certain items are in short supply. Those who store the things they want and need don’t need to worry about obtaining them during a crisis. Students, the elderly, military personnel, and people in all stages of life can have a clean, safe place to store their belongings during good times or trying times.

The Small Part TurnKey Storage Plays

For those needing storage in Utah (Provo), Texas (Abilene, Midland, Wichita Falls) or Ohio (Trotwood, Dayton), TurnKey Storage aims to work with you as part of the solution. TurnKey Storage personnel are following the CDC guidelines and proactively doing their part as citizens of the world. Daily advancements in the world’s understanding of the coronavirus have led to more proactive plans each day. Sanitizing and social distancing quickly evolved to closing the offices while remaining open by phone to serve customers. Contact free rentals by phone or online at has enabled people to continue to gain the essential benefits of traditional outdoor storage and drive-indoor, temperature controlled storage even during a time of uncertainty.

TurnKey Storage joins many great companies and people in taking various precautions to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers and the most vulnerable in our communities. To see the world cooperating to “flatten the curve” and reduce the load on medical personnel operating “on the front lines” has been truly inspiring.