How To Get Hooked on Spring Cleaning

Prepare for Spring Cleaning

Let’s be honest, no one actually thinks they’ll ENJOY spring cleaning. But once you get started, it can be addicting! We know our houses need a little extra scrubbing after those long winter months, bringing dust, mud and all kinds of things into your home. If you follow these easy spring cleaning tips, you can take the control back!

8 Tips to make Spring Cleaning Easier

1. Tidy Up

  • Superficial clean up will show you exactly what you are dealing with. Tidy up your house to get a clear image of what needs to be done to wipe away the winter.

2. Make a list of tasks to be done.

  • Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. Writing down all of the chores you would like to get done can help you prioritize and make a plan for each room. It will also help you to know what kind of cleaning supplies you will need to finish each task.

3. Focus on one room each day

  • Focusing on one room for each day is most effective. Avoid getting distracted with what is going on in the next room and don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks around the whole house.   For example:
      • Monday – Scrub kitchen cabinets, scrub kitchen baseboards, wash out fridge, wash all towels and rags, wipe out stove and microwave.

4. Clean your cleaning supplies!

  • No matter how many times you scrub with that old sponge, it’s not going to get your surfaces completely clean. They latch onto bacteria that you are just spreading around your house from last springs clean. Sanitize your sponges, mop and even your vacuum!

5. Prepare to get rid of things

  • Holding onto items that are not needed is a habit we all relate to. It’s important to recognize if those items hold sentimental value or not. If you aren’t in love with the item, get rid of it. A good rule is to think to yourself “Have I used this item in the past 6 months?” If not, it could be time to say goodbye.

6. Store your items wisely

  • Holiday decorations, grandma’s old sewing machine, boxes of your children’s old clothing you can’t seem to get rid of, bikes or lawn care equipment, they all have a place to be stored. Finding a temperature controlled storage facility near you is a good way to clear up extra space in your home, and it’s easy! Call your local storage facility and ask about their unit sizes.

7. Trash, Donate, Store

  • Label 3 large boxes. Trash, Donate, and Store. You will feel much more organized and know exactly what to do with those items once you’re done. Trash the items that might be broken or no longer work. Donate the items you and your family never or rarely use. Store sentimental items, seasonal items, or items you and your family use occasionally.

8. Make a playlist and set a timer.

  • Don’t over work yourself. Set a timer and crank that music up. It might sound silly, but for many people, they have to get in the right mindset to clean for hours on end. Make it fun by creating a playlist that will keep your energy up. Sing along or even dance along while you clean!

Once it’s over, you realize it was worth all the disturbing sights and smells. Basking in the cleanliness of your home after you’ve slaved away for days is one of the best feelings. Follow these easy spring cleaning tips and you can feel it too.